Production Notes: Back to College

Josh Imgmkrs Production Notes Back to College

The Back to College market has transformed itself in recent years. More than just a time of year where new grads decorate their dorm rooms, young adults are now finding new ways to define their personal style. We spoke with our designer & stylist Josh Minter about the growing trend and its popularity.

So what do you think of recent Back To College trends? 

Back to College is certainly not a new concept, but it’s evolved into much more of a lifestyle choice. Going off to school is the first time that young adults find their creative independence. It’s not just buying bedding for your dorm room. It’s the first steps in defining your personal style.

So how has your role as a stylist evolved…

In the social age, with Instagram and Pinterest, everyone is constantly finding a way to express their personal style. You can find DIYs and inspirational images everywhere! But I find my job as a stylist is to really interpret these grander ideas and aspirations and make them work for an individual consumer. Retailers need to make a product look aspirational but acquirable, and my job is helping find this delicate balance.

And how have things changed…

When I started working with ‘Back to College’ products about 10 years ago, it seemed that one white brick wall would be enough to evoke a cool dorm setting. But now, entire environments have changed to become much more aspirational. It’s exciting to see how ‘Back to College’ has truly become a transitional lifestyle interior choice. This is really become a time period when students are first defining their personal style for years to come.

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