Handcrafted Contemporary Quilts by Louise Gray

Louise Gray, a new quilt designer out of Minneapolis, has broken a mold in the bedding industry. Their handcrafted quilts and throws marry a minimalist aesthetic with a heritage production process. We spoke with co-founder Alexandra Gray Bennett to learn more about their fresh approach.

Louise Gray Modern Quilting

What was the idea and inspiration behind the founding of Louise Gray? 

Jocelin and I started Louise Gray back in Summer of 2014 and launched our first collection to the public in early 2015. We had met each other at another product design company local to Minneapolis and discovered early on that both our skill sets and personalities truly complemented one another. With my background in quilting and Jocelin’s in graphic design, we began to question the absence of contemporary quilts in the marketplace (as well as American made textiles as a whole). Louise Gray grew from this desire to give consumers a choice and also reimagine an age-old craft.     

How would you describe the style and taste of Louise Gray?

Louise Gray is firmly rooted in minimalist, contemporary design. We believe in quality over quantity and that less is almost always more. Both the design and construction should reflect and reaffirm that philosophy.

Louise Gray Modern Quilting

How often are new designs created? What’s the process like?

Our hope is to continue launching two collections a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each collection is an opportunity to introduce new formats and/or new designs to the current sizes offered.

Can you tell me more about the Louise Gray consumer? 

The Louise Gray customer not only has an appreciation for contemporary design, but also values pieces that are made with both care and pride. They look to fill their home with goods that not only complement their tastes but tell a story as well.

Louise Gray Modern Quilting

Tell me more about your dedication to local manufacturing. Why is this such an important part of Louise Gray? 

Industry in America has been evolving and, in the process, many skilled laborers have been displaced. Our hope is to offset this trend by keeping our manufacturing domestic, and more specifically local to our community here in Minneapolis.

Any specific plans for future seasons?

We look forward to introducing our first collection of Baby Quilts in Spring of 2017.  More long-term, we look to expand our assortment to include all bedding sizes and offer custom embroidery to make each quilt feel that much more personal.

Louise Gray Modern Quilting

Louise Gray Brand Video from Louise Gray on Vimeo.

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